Hi there,

I am Paco. I am a bird and I live at Recreation Center ‘de Vogel’, which is super fun, since there is so much to do. I do not have to be bored for even a second. What is also a lot of fun is that there are so many friends to play with.

I really love sports and dancing. My absolute favorite thing to do at the camping are the children disco and the sportgames. You can bike, swim, play football, midgetgolf, surf, waterbike, play volleyball, tabletennis, fish. Too much to list.

My best friends are Lot and Lieke. Together we will invite all of our friends on the camping to play with us and have the greatest fun.

I hope you will stop by soon some time. I would love to show you around and maybe we can dance together at the kid disco. This sounds like a lot of fun to me. We can also take a picture together!