Questions regarding camping or rental of an accommodation

At what time can I check-in?
For the campsites you can check-in from 2:00 pm and for the accommodations you can check-in from 3:00 pm
When do we need to check-out?
Camping sites need to be checked-out before 12:00 pm. Accommodations before 10.00 am.
Is it possible to arrive outside of office hours?
This is possible, but the reception needs to be informed before hand. Further explanation will be given.
Where do I park my car?
It is allowed to park one car at your pitch or accommodation. When you will bring a second vehicle we have special areas for car parking and are not allowed at your pitch or accomodation.
Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are allowed on the camping fields and in the accommodations in the categories A, C, D. Dogs are also allowed at Plaza de Vogel. Dogs have to be on a leash.
We do have a maximum of two dogs per pitch/accommodation.
Can I place an extra tent at my pitch or accommodation?
This is only allowed for camping. Not at an accommodation.
Can I choose my own camping spot or accommodation?
Yes you can! If you want to pick your own camping spot this will cost you €5,00. Chosing your accommodation will cost you €15,00.
Is bedding present at the rental accommodations?
Standard bedding is present at all accommodations, this includes a pillow and duvet. No covers! It is possible to bring your own or rent bedding for €7,00. When you rent your bedding, you will receive a sealed package.
Is a crib and a highchair present at the accommodation?
This is not present, however there is a possibility to rent a crib or a highchair for €5,00 each.
Is it allowed to bbq at the campsite / accommodation?
This is allowed, provided that it will be done in a safe way. Place the bbq on solid ground and make sure the other guest are not bothered by, for example, smoke. Open fire is prohibited.


Question regarding bookings

I have not received a conformation of my payment yet, has it yet come trough?
We do not send out conformations for your payment. When in doubt we can always double check this for you. Also you can check this yourself by registering at   "Mijn Vogel".
How do I pay for my vacation?
After you made a reservation you will receive a conformation of your reservations. Your terms of payment will be listed on this conformation aswell. Normally your first term will be after 6 weeks of your reservation, the second term 10 weeks before arrival and the third term 2 weeks before arrival.
When will I get back the deposit of the rental accommodation?
Your deposit or the remainder of it will be refunded 14 days after leaving the park at the latest. We will be needing your bank account number for this.
Is it possible to cancel my reservation?
This will only be possible if you have an insurance for this through Recreation center ‘de Vogel’. You will be needing evidence of the reason of cancellation.
This insurance needs to be taken out at the time of making your reservation, unless you have an insurance elsewhere.
When you do not have a insurance for cancellation and you do cancel your vacation there will be acted as stated in the ‘Recronvoorwaarden’. We only accept written cancellations.
Click here for 'Algemene voorwaarden toeristische plaats'
Click here for 'Algemene voorwaarden verhuuraccommodatie'
Click here for 'Annuleringsvoorwaarden'



Questions regarding facilities
When will the park be opened?
In 2019 the park is opened from the 23rd  of March to the 3rd of November. The reception will be opened the whole year through. Plaza ‘de Vogel’ has different opening hours. Click here  for the current opening hours.
When will the indoor swimming pool be opened?
The indoor pool will be opened from April to October, it will be closed during winter. Click here for the current opening hours.
Is there Wifi available at the park?
Yes at the camping sites, in the rental accommodations and Plaza ‘de Vogel’.
Camping sites: free Wifi
Rentals            : it is possible to buy a voucher at the reception
Are there any costs involved when receiving a visitor?
Your guests are welcome at our park. You do need to report it at the reception. An overnight stay costs €7,50 a night from the age of 4 and up. Access to the pool is included. A day card costs €5,00 per person including access to the pool. Visiting the park without using the pool is free until 10:00 pm.
I checked-out already, is it still allowed to make use of the facilities?
You and your family are still allowed to use all of our facilities the entire day.
Can I use the facilities when I’m not camping at your park?
It is possible to visit our park for a day. There are costs involved. Adults pay €2,00 and children till the age of 13 pay €1,50. Access to the pool is excluded in these prices. Prices including pool access are €5,00 per person.
Is the camping suitable for the disabled?
The park is accessible for wheelchairs. The toilet blocks are featured with areas specially designed for disabled people.
Does the park have an animation team?
During vacations and holidays there is an animation team present. Click here for the exact dates.