There are countless possibilities to enjoy yourself at ‘de Vogel’.

Petting zoo

Animals and children are a unique combination. That is the reason we have a petting zoo at the terrain of Recreation Center ‘de Vogel’, where you can pet and cuddle with all the different animals. Among our animals are horses, goats, a donkey, a llama, chickens, ducks, a peacock, various birds and a complete family of pot-bellied pigs.

The children can help us with feeding and taking care of the animals in small groups during feeding time.



The favorite activity of children will always be playing at a playground. Hence we created numerous playgrounds spread over the entire terrain of Recreation Center ‘de Vogel’. We have adapted the playgrounds to a widespread group of age groups of kids.

Recently we also have a beautiful indoor playground to experience all kinds of things. We also recently build the spraypark to have hours of waterfun.


Pony rides and horse-drawn carriage

The carriage can be seen regularly on the terrain. This activity can be enjoyed by young on old. Together with our ponies we will explore the terrain and the surroundings. There will also be moments in which you can ride the ponies yourself.



Hop on en explore our camping together. The little train will pass by various spots on the camping with fun music playing. A party for young and old!




You will be laughing out loud on our airtrampoline! We have not one, but two airtrampolines. Young and old will enjoy this. The spherical trampoline, which has air blown in to it, is surrounded by a strip of artificial grass. Behind the trampoline is a field of grass situated, on which the animation team organises various activities. In that way there is always something to do and this creates a lively atmosphere around the airtrampoline!



Youthcorner ‘’t Kraaiennest’

A place where the youth can come together and hang out. In the youth corner we placed a darting board, football table, TV and free wifi! Access from 12 years of age and up.